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Kailey Berardis

Event Coordinator


Ask anyone who knows Kailey and they’ll tell you, if you’re having an event, big or small, it just won’t be the same if Kailey isn’t a part of it. 

Kailey graduated from Overbrook High School in 2006 and immediately jumped into a career in ensuring clients and customers were welcome, appreciated, accommodated, and always having a great time! 

Kailey has always loved planning and she has always been a people person. She has been in the service and hospitality industry for over 15 years. Starting out as a hostess, at Kaminski’s Bar and Grill, Kailey quickly realized, she wanted to excel and do more in this business. After showing her loyalty and commitment to learning more, Kailey was promoted to a bartender and manager for the company. It was then she realized, giving great service and having guests leave happy, was what she loved! 

Since starting at The Madison, Kailey was provided an opportunity she has always wanted; to use her creativity and up-lifting energy to plan events and occasions for others! 

Kailey has truly found her passion in Event Coordinating. She still gets to give her great customer service, only now she is able to use her creative side in decorating! Kailey loves the small details, that make your event that much more perfect! Event Coordinating had lit a fire in her she does not want to put out! 

When Kailey isn’t working, you can find her at home with her husband, Mike, and her dog, Henry, or catching up with a good friend over dinner and drinks. Some of Kailey’s favorite things include, making people laugh, the beach, cooking, or a good ole’ fashioned happy hour!